Yoga evening practive

In the modern world of today everyone is having a busy and hectic lifestyle and are ignorant of the fact that practicing only 20 minutes of yoga daily will bless their lives. The contents on this page will provide you with the yoga tips which you can apply to reap the benefits.

A yoga session is made up of the following components breathing and meditation, and poses .

Breathing and Meditation (5 minutes)
This step is usually done at the start and end of the session as it helps to prepare the mind and body to accept the goodness associated with yoga as well as flush out the negative thoughts and energies.
To get started, choose a quiet well ventilated corner and make yourself comfortable in a sitting or lying position. Repeat a number of breaths for up to 5 minutes while self acknowledging the following:
With every breath inhaled in, imagine that your mind and body is absorbing all the positive energies from the universe.
With every breath exhaled out,throw out all your negative feelings thoughts from your body and mind and imagine the latter being destroyed into the universe.
With each breath exhaled out and inhaled in you will feel your mind and body relaxed ,calm and happy
Once the meditation has been completed,proceed with the yoga poses below

1)Mountain Pose ( 1 minute)
Stand with your both of your feet touching the ground,both arms raised in upward position. Looking at yourself from the crown of your head to your heels will be a straight line alignment with the shoulders and pelvis stacked along the line.Remaining within this position repeat a number of breaths.
This improves your posture, strengthens your legs, and promotes good alignment.

Mountain pose

2) Warrior Pose ( 2 minutes on each side))
This pose is a continuity from pose 1) above. Staring in the Mountain Pose posture, take a big step back with one of your legs. The back foot should be grounded at an angle of 10 oçock and the front leg bended at 90 degree angle. Perform a number of breaths while ensuring that your chest is lifted and your torso facing forward. Repeat the breaths by switching the back and front legs positions
Strengthens the legs and back and promotes better breathing

Warrior Pose

3) Child Pose( 2 minutes )
Kneel on the floor with your toes together and your knees hip-width apart. Bring your belly to rest between your thighs and your forehaed to the floor while stretching your arms in front if you with the palms toward the floor.Inhale and exhale a number of times.
Relieves back and neck pain and provides deep relaxation

Child pose

4)The Tree Pose (1 minute on each side)
Start with the mountain pose and put both your feet onto the floor with your weight distributed equally on all four corners of each foot.
Begin to shift your weight into your right foot, lifting your left foot off the floor while keeping your right leg straight .Bend your left knee and bring the sole of your left foot high onto your inner right thigh.Take 5 to 10 breaths, then lower your left foot to the floor and do the other side.
Establishes strength and balance in the legs, and helps you feel centered, steady, and grounded.

Tree pose

5)The Easy pose (6 minutes)
Though this is said to be the easiest pose in yoga ,a certain number of steps is necessary to ensure this pose is correcty done. Firstly arrange for some supportive padding (for example blanket, block, or bolster) so that your hips will be higher than your knees when you come into this pose. Come to sit on your padding in a comfortable, cross-legged position ensuring that your sit bones have a firm support. Lean back and forth and side to side to ensure that your shoulders are aligned directly over your hips. The crown of your head should rise towards the ceiling and your hands can rest in your lap or on the tops of your thighs. Turn your palms up to be receptive or down to feel grounded.
On your inhalations, feel your spine grow long. On your exhalations, root down through your seat.
Easy Pose is a hip-opening pose that stretches the knees and ankles and strengthens the back. It is also a calming pose and it is one commonly used for meditation and practicing breathing exercises.

Easy Pose
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