NTA registration Fees

For foreigners or Mauritians buying a second hand car as their first vehicle in Mauritius, the administrative procedures can be really confusing and frustrating without hand-ons documents and appropriate guidelines, thus this post!

The NTA and Registrar are the main bodies which you will be dealing with so that your newly bought vehicle becomes legally owned.

Note : This applies to transfer of second hand vehicles only and those bought from dealership may differ.

Summarised steps :

  • Patience , a lot of it.
  • Deal of sale (Document stating vehicle details along with seller/buyer info)
  • Take “Gage sans Déplacement” certificate from the NTA
  • Registration of vehicle
  • Insurance Purchase
  • Change of ownership on Horsepower

Firstly download and print at least 3 copies of the deed of sale form and make sure date, NIC no or Permanent Resident ID are correctly filled.

2 Copies are required by the NTA/ Registrar and 1 copy stays with the seller for proof of sale.

You will then have to call in at the NTA for the “Gage sans Déplacement” certificate required at the Registrar. If the seller is not coming with you , you will need a letter of consent and his ID card.

Note : Either seller or buyer or both can fetch this certificate.

If only one party is going, you will need the other party’s National ID card or NID simply and the following signed letter of consent. A fee of Rs. 50 is payable.

Having obtained the certificate which states that no lien or loan or any facility is not linked to the vehicle, you can now go to the Registrar at the following address with the following documents :

Registrar-General Department
6th Floor, Emmanuel Anquetil Building,
Sir S. Ramgoolam Street,

Port Louis, Mauritius

Docs :

  • 2 deeds of sale duly filled and signed
  • Cerficate “Gage sans Déplacement”
  • Your NID or Passport or PR ID
  • Debit Card or Cash for a max transaction of 25k MUR for Tax payment
  • Fee of Rs. 300 (Excluding tax payment)

The fees chart according to the engine rate and age of vehicle :

NTA Registration Fees Chart

At the registrat it is 1 3 stage procedure and each stage has a ticketted queuing system.

  1. Docs collection
  2. Payment
  3. Deed of sale collection stamped with bar code

Now the vehicle is legally yours but with a few formalities left

You need to get an insurance on your name and same should be valid until the vehicle’s road tax expires. Also ensure your fitness certificate is up to date if the vehicle is older than 7 years.

After having your insurance document ready, you can call in at the NTA for the final procedure for a fee of Rs. 300 – Tranferring the horsepower of the vehicle on your name and that’s it you are done!

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