Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet has been rising in popularity, and for good reason — it is simple and yields significant results. Whether you want to lose fat, increase energy, enhance brain health, improve your blood sugar levels, or improve your overall health, keto may be the diet you are looking for. However, before we learn how to start a keto diet, we must develop a deeper understanding of what it is and why it is so effective. Knowing the what and why behind this way of eating plays an integral role in your keto diet success as well as knowing how to get started.

Here is a small but qualitative guide on the foods you should eat on a ketogenic diet.

Low Carb Vegetables

You should incorporate more of non-starchy vegetables in your diet plan, which is low in carbs and calories, but high in other nutrients like minerals and Vitamin C. Note that vegetables contain high fiber, which your body doesn’t actually absorb and digest like cabs, hence look at their net carb count, which it the total carbs minus the fiber content. Keep in mind that most vegetables contain few net carbs, and consuming starchy vegetables like potatoes could put your carb limit over.

You should incorporate fresh vegetables like low carb ones including cauliflower, broccoli, spinach,and other green ones. The good news is that you can buy these from the comfort of your home as well and have them delivered to your doorstep from websites like Naturals in Lahore.


Everyone loves cheese and you can find different kinds today. The best part is that you can have them in low carbs and high fats, which makes them ideal for the ketogenic diet. For example, just an ounce (about 28 grams) of cheddar cheese contains 1 gram of carbs and about 7 grams of protein and 20 calcium. Cheese has a high content of saturated fat, but it doesn’t lead to chances of increased heart diseases. Studies rather suggest that it can protect the heart against diseases. Furthermore, cheese has linoleic acid, which helps in the breakdown of fat. Eating cheese regularly, based on several studies shows that it helps to reduce muscle mass, and it strengthens the body with aging.

Poultry and Meat

For the ketogenic diet plan, poultry and meat are important. Meat when fresh contains fewer carbs and it is rich in vitamins as well as several minerals like zinc, potassium,and selenium. These are high in protein, and they preserve muscle mass when following a low carb diet. It is best that you buy grass-fedmeat because such meat would contain higher levels of omega-3-fats, antioxidants, and linoleic acid compared to grain-fed meat.


Eggs are renowned for their versatile and healthy constituents, making it an ideal choice for the keto diet plan. A large egg would contain less than 1 gram of carbs and less than 6 grams of proteins, which makes them suitable for this diet plan. Furthermore, eggs release hormones that trigger the feelings of fullness and they help to keep sugar levels low, which leads to lower intake of calories in a day. When following the keto diet, you should consume an entire egg, since the yolk is the healthiest part of it. It includes zeaxanthin, and other antioxidants like lutein, which helps to protect the eye.

Even though eggs may have high cholesterol levels, consuming it doesn’t lead to increased blood cholesterol levels in most people. In fact, it can help to reduce the chances of heart diseases.


Yogurt is a healthy, high protein option and suitable for the keto diet. Just 5 ounces, about 150 grams of plain yogurt gives 5 grams of carbs and about 11 grams of protein. It promotes decreased appetite and the feelings of being full. You may combine this with chopped nuts, especially if you want a quick keto treat for weight loss.

Cream and Butter

You can also include cream and butter into your ketogenic diet. They contain trace carbs. Although people believe that it could contribute to heart diseases because of their high saturated fat contents, studies show that saturated fat actually has no link to heart diseases. Furthermore, moderate consumption can help to reduce the chances of heart attacks. If you wish to lose weight, then a keto diet is what you should follow. To reap the full benefits of this diet, you should consume the foods mentioned in this article.

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