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Clash Royale Tips

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Clash Royale is following the measures of its older brother Clash of Clans in becoming another hit Supercell game. Its deliciously unique combination of trading card game and real time strategy has captivated gamers from around the globe.

The game might seem simple if you watch how it unfolds. But if you try it yourself you’ll see that it needs more than simply putting powerful troops on the arena. There are Elixir costs to consider along with card synergies and even tactical positioning. If you are seeking a few tips as well as tricks to help you out in Clash Royale then continue reading.

In constructing a good and balanced deck there are some things to keep in mind. First is that you must understand the Elixir costs of each card in your deck. Make sure there's a great combination of expensive and cheap cards so you wo’t have difficulties in deploying troops.

Next is that you should be prepared to counter whatever your opponent throws at you. Use Skeletons to block a billing Prince. Deploy a Valkyrie or Baby Dragon to wipe out your competition’s mass of Goblins. Keep the pressure on with Barbarian Huts and Tombstones.

Balance your troops well. Do not focus on using only heavy hitters with no area damage abilities. Do’t assemble a deck that just has delicate troops with no tanks. Don't rely on Epic cards solely and snub the Common ones.

Update only the cards you really use. Do’t max out every single card which you have just so you can brag about having a collection of high level troops. The game may be a little generous as it pertains to gold but you do’t make big amounts of it. If you are having trouble with updating your troops then you definitely should join a clan so other folks can contribute their cards to give you a hand.

In case you loved this post and you would want to receive more details with regards to click for more info - please visit our own webpage. Waiting is usually a superb thing. Resist the urge to deploy a troop instantly after the battle starts. Simply let the Elixir fill up before determining what card to play. Or if your opponent decides to go first then you can counter whatever it is he / she deployed. You’ll also get a general sense which of your two towers will be focused on.

Having a total Elixir bar does not mean you should use it all up by deploying as many cards as possible. Hurry attacks sometimes work in overwhelming unprepared opponents but proficient players know that such a strategy is incredibly risky and can be ceased with area damage cards. Once you emptied your Elixir militia and all your troops were countered you're left with no way to protect against your competition’s offensive. Never let your Elixir reserves be empty and only spam your cards during the last 60 seconds of the match.

It also pays to be familiar with the Elixir prices of all cards for more efficient deployment and countering. If your competitor deployed Skeletons (1 Elixir) you should not use the Arrows spell (3 Elixir) to kill them. Your towers alone can take care of those troops and if you did use such a costly counter then it only leaves your opponent with 2 more Elixir than you've.

As for securing never deploy your defensive troops on the bridge itself. It may sound great to clog the narrow pathway to your base but there is a much better choice. Play your defensive cards on the space between your two towers. That way your troops can obstruct your challenger’s forces while your towers shoot them down. However clogging is of course viable when you're countering enemy Giants or Princes with your Skeletons or other horde troops.

Offensively you should always keep in mind the synergies of cards. Area Musketeers or other strong ranged troops behind a Giant or another tank. This way the ranged troops can fire at the towers while the tank soaks up the damage. When it comes to Giants they are best deployed behind your towers so you will have acquired Elixir before the huge guy crosses the bridge, allowing you to deploy backup.