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Most searched keywords on Google for 2016

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How many times did you search for terms on the Internet last year?

Google’s search engine performed 1.2 trillion searches in 2016.

Google Trends, part of the American company, kept records of the most popular search terms. From the Summer Olympic Games to terrorist attacks to the presidential election in the United States, 2016 was filled with news.

Many of us turned to search engines for more information about the news or about fun subjects, such as ice cream, popular culture and television programs. But have you ever wondered what everyone else was searching for online?

Google Trends has developed a list of Breakout Trends. It shows the most popular online searches. You can see which terms people searched for most on Google by month, Overall Most Popular, and by area.

Click on a listed search term to learn more about the term, such as trending over time, interest by city or state, and related subjects or queries. You can compare one search term to another to see the number of hits for both terms. You can also add a third search term for comparison.

Google Trends offers charts, maps and other images so you can compare the search results for each term. In addition, you can see the results for 2016 or change the dates to study trends over time.

Overall Most Popular Search Terms on Google in 2016

On Google, the most popular search terms worldwide were:

Donald Trump
David Bowie
Hillary Clinton
Academy Awards
Chicago Cubs
You can amend the results by People, Places, Things and Ideas to see the most popular term for each grouping.